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 Portraits are painted in oil on canvas, or drawn with pencil or pastels on paper.   
B/W pencil portraits start from £70, pastel vignettes from £100 and full A3 pictures from £160

Have you got a favourite photo but you don't like the background, the composition or who else is in the picture, I can turn it into the perfect portrait for you.

I work from photographs to keep the costs down.  Norfolk commissions can be approved and collected in person; commissions from other parts of the country will be approved via emailed photos and delivery charges will apply

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    Pastel Portrait (Available to purchase)
   Comparable commission price - £160

                                        Pastel Portrait - Vignette

                                        Comparable commission price - £100

    Summer Heat 

    Pastel portrait  Sold

    Tired and Tousled

    Pastel Portrait, A3   (Available for purchase)

Engagement Present
Pencil on paper A3
Drawn from two different photos
                                                                     Pastel Portrait

                                                                     Comparable commission price - £100

                                                                        Pencil on paper
                                                                        Comparable price £70
                                                                       Pencil on paper

                                                   Study of young girl (Available to Purchase)
                                                   Pastel Portrait vignette, comparable commissionprice £100

PURRfect Pet PAWtraits

                                                Private commission                                                                                      pastel on paper
                               Misty                                                                                                                                            Pastel on paper A2


                              Barbara's horse                                                                                                                                   Pencil drawing
                                                                Rosie                                                                                Pastel on paper

Ralph                                                         Pencil drawing

Jasmine                                                                                                                Pastel drawing

                                            Jack                                                                                                                                       A4 Pencil            

Harvey                                                        pencil drawing

Lola                                                             Pastel drawing

I work from photographs of any animal in any medium. Drawings start from £60 for b/w and £80 for colour.
All you need to do is email me some hi resolution photos of your pet (iPhones/ipad photos are usually good), I then email pics of the completed artwork back and if you are happy youcan pay either by cash, cheque, PayPal or Bank transfer.  
There is a small charge for postage of the artwork.
Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

01263 570151


Childrens * Businesses * Home * Schools

Norfolk based artist offers beautiful, personally designed murals
Favourite characters can be reproduced 
Create an inspiring and vibrant environment, make your child's bedroom a dream come true; liven up your bathroom; make a statement in your foyer, relaxation pool, or business premises. 
Outside and interior walls  *  Trompe L'oeil effects  *  Cartoons  *  Realism 
Boats  *  Summer houses  *  Conservatories  * Furniture

Murals can be painted directly onto the wall or onto wooden boards for convenience. 
I am available to paint on site throughout Norfolk, other areas of the country will be considered depending on the scale of the project
Murals on boards can be delivered to other areas depending on size
Many murals are necessarily big and bold however I can also provide finely detailed work if you require something more subtle.
Please feel free to call for an informal discussion 
  and for individual quotes

01263 570151

Large scale Artwork/ Mural  4ft by 7ft
Acrylic on wooden board 

Large Scale Artwork for Briston Pavilion 

Mural Repair: Before and after


 I can be commissioned for any form of Illustration or simply as an artwork 
01263 570151


Fine Art 

Please visit my personal website for current Fine Art work for sale, artist statements, Art CV and exhibitions